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What we do

TPBB is a modern platform for futuristic radio-culture, experimental music and abstract sound-designs - streamed 24 / 7 in the beloved interwebz but also broadcasted on "real" air / radiofrequencies via our partner-radiostations which get parts of their night-program from us in real time.

all dj mixes you hear are xclusively made for TPBB. a lot of the tracks you hear are exclsuively produced for TPBB and not available on any other streaming platform or onlineshop.

the telepathic bubblebath radiostream is 100% advertismentfree

if you own a radiostation and want to broadcast parts of our shows - feel free to contact us HERE

if you are experimental sound-artist and want to get featured & broadcasted on telepathic bubblebath - feel free to contact us HERE


Telepathic Bubblebath

your experimental 24 / 7 radiostation
hosted by the liquid sky berlin artist collective
experimental music / ambient / noise / fieldrecordings / post classic / chill out / electronic dub / musique concrete / abstract sounds / random soundcreations / psychedelic electronica

telepathic bubblebath - wtf?!

telepathic bubblebath - idea & concept by dr walker. technical backend
hosted by the liquid sky berlin artist collective
webd-sign heike windsberger

telepathic bubblebath
a project by liquid sky berlin

Our Team

kick back


twin peetz

sheldon drake


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monsieur fleury

mijk van dijk

dr w

baze djunkiii


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